Agung Fitriana

What is in a picture? What is in a painting? An image is free to be given meaning by whoever sees it. In other words, an image is free ‘to speak for itself’. Thus, seeking to present or represent a story that is seemingly certain or showing something that we are used to knowing is not necessary in drawings or paintings. Essentially, the audience will see and give meaning to an image that conforms to their own experience and knowledge. According to Fitriana, paintings require the structure of specific experience that is consciously presented by the artist from an accumulation of various configurations and elements. Representation, which broadly means artificial construction, will actually be manifested through all existing space for possibilities (meanings) that exist.

Fitriana wants to provoke matters pertaining to the reality-expression of the artist’s awareness in presenting these issues in their works, the audience’s artistic awareness and their poetic experience. Fitriana wishes to re-question meaning and interpretation as well as artists’ relationships to awareness in their works and the relationship of audiences to their awareness of giving meaning.

Agung Fitriana, was born in Bandung in 1984. He graduated from the FSRD-ITB painting studio in 2008. Up until now, he has been actively producing artworks and has attended a series of exhibitions both locally and internationally. From 2010 until 2013, he collaborated exclusively with the ‘Vanessa art link’ gallery, in running a series of programs. At present, together with his wife (Windi Apriani), he has chosen to work independently living and working in a new studio in the eastern area of Bandung.