Erwin Windu Pranata

In his artistic practice, Pranata often presents interactive elements or at least artefacts proving that there is interaction between himself and his artworks or between humans and his artworks. In an array of brightly coloured forms of jubilant impressions offered by Pranata, there is a perseverant attempt to get people to smile and be light-hearted, seeing everyday matters and feelings like fear, anxiety, anger, alienation and so on humanely.

This time, Pranata presents balloons made from fabric with a title reflecting the concept, Rigor Samsa (2015). Rigor Samsa is a term coined by the graphic designer and film maker, John Koenig in his blog, Dictionary of Obscure Sorrow, meaning a psychological external skull that protects one from pain and contains all anxieties. It is said that the skull’s cycle is one of continuous breaking and re-growing, becoming stronger and creating more sophisticated protection over time.

Born in Bandung 6 June 1981, he completed university (undergraduate) at the Indonesian University of Education (UPI) majoring in fine art (1999 – 2005). Currently, he is producing works using various media. He has been involved with the art group A stone A since 2003 and the “Pemandangan” (Perspective) group as well as managing an alternative art space called Omnispace in Bandung.