Kemal Ezedine

Balinese sacred drawings (rerajahan) are also called closed mantras. Rerajahan images are treated as confidential. In terms of form, these images present a surrealistic deformation style that is accompanied by manuscripts in Kawi or Sanscrit language and script on palm-leaves, fabric, paper or metal. These images are not allowed to be opened. It is said, that if they are opened, the magical function of these rerajahan will be lost. Ezedine strives to deconstruct the supposedly magical rerajahan form in the framework of contemporary artistic thought; how these rerajahan images can function and be assessed in a drawing medium and all of the values attached to them (techniques, methods and ideas).

Kemal Ezedine was born in Yogyakarta, 1978. In 1997- 2004 he studied at FSRD, ITB. Kemalezedine held his first solo exhibition in 2012 at S.14 Bandung. Since then, he has been active in a number of national exhibitions. Kemalezedine is also part of the Neo-Pitamaha group in Bali.