Maharani Mancanegara

Mancanagara believes that the concepts are born out of an organic awareness and recent events. In her work, she explores history (in general) and education (in particular) through the legacy of her departed grandfather as a departure point. Mancanagara’s work at the moment tends to be installations that explore elements of interactive and kinetic movements in several earlier works.

Working together, Mancanagara and Widyasena present an installation that takes issue with chronic stupidity in this country. Of course, education is the main target for accusation. Widyasena offers a series of futuristic products to resolve the problem of low intelligence. Meanwhile, Mancanagara creates a fictional institution that attempts to research the beginnings of the intelligence in this country, and presents it as a game.

Maharani Mancanagara is an Indonesian artist who lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia. Graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Faculty of Art and Design, majoring in printmaking studio. Primarly working in the mediums of printmaking, mixed media and drawing. Her works explores Indonesia’s history, ancient time to present, based on her personal and family experiences.