Muhammad Akbar

Two sides of Akbar’s artistic practice are present through a variety of art form mediums and through the A Stone A music group that is laden with antics, involvement of and a focus on popular culture in the lives of youth today. This time, Akbar offers his experience after returning from a residency in Paris last year. The key word in this experience is pivot; how to see above from below and vice versa; how to see east from the west and vice versa; how to see the neighbours grass from your own yard and vice versa.

There are two videos in this installation; one features a collection of photos of dog feaeces found on the side of the road in Paris and the other features the attempts to plant daisies in dog feaeces that was taken back to the studio. There are also 350 photographs of rubbish bins made by the municipality government that he considers incompatible with the daily culture of the Bandung community. Not only are the rubbish bins not functioning but they are disappearing. Simultaneously, Akbar questions cleanliness and beauty.

Muhammad Akbar born in 25 January 1984, graduated from Arts & Language Teaching Faculty in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) Bandung, In 2012 graduated from Magister School of Fine Arts, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Working as a visual artist, most of his works use the video medium. Also work as a VJ, motiongrapher with a nickname Killafternoon. He also exhibit & screen his works in film festival and art exhibition, his works also collaborate with bands & musicians in the subculture music scene. Member of music collective A stone A, also work as music Producer in Fix Future, member of new media art group Wayang Cyber, member of Video Lab, member of an open community called Open Labs, he was working in iF venue, an alternative space in Bandung.