Muhammad Reggie Aquara

Aquara adopts symmetric forms ala Rorschach test, which is usually performed to test the imaginative and associative abilities of a person. It is believed that each region or community group has a similar association to a number of forms presented in this test. Using an inkblot ala Rorschach technique, Aquara presents symmetric oil paintings on canvas. Aquara’s interest centres on the symmetrical forms derived from the imaginative function ennobled by the Rorschach test. Aquara presents numerous symmetric forms on canvas using oil paints. He is questioning the quality of the human imagination now where verbal visuaIity has become the inevitable daily meal.

Muhammad Reggie Aquara was born in 1982 and resides in Bandung. He graduated from the Painting Studio, Vsual Arts Program at the Visual Art and Design Faculty – Institute of Technology Bandung. He has participated in a number of visual art exhibitions at both the national and international levels.