Yani Halim

He studied in the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta.

In 1990, where one of his works was among the best five paintings in the Dies Natalies XI anniversary exhibition in 1995. Yani Halim has participated in numerous group shows since 1991 In Indonesia and also in 2000 in the Netherlands. He has held solo exhibitions in Yogyakarta at Kedai Kebun in 1999 and Cemeti Art House in 2000, and in Jakarta at Koong Gallery in 2008. The artist still lives and works in his Hometown.

Yani Halim’s paintings are filled with different cartoon characters taken from comic books or television shows. However, the artist reworks and recreates them over and over in different versions until he is satisfied. As result, while the attributes of the individual characters are recognizable there can be emotional distance in how one feels about them