Clara Magazine Office, Jakarta (2014)

Artist: Triyadi Guntur Wiratmo & Windi Apriani

Being a magazine for woman, Clara needed artworks with a tinge of femininity. Artovale started looking for paintings that depict woman decided to represent such value with pieces from Windi Apriani and Triyadi Guntur Wiratmo. Windi’s work is her usual self potrait, drawn with a regular pen. Triyadi painting is a part of his Historytopia series, where he reproduced classic paintings and added a disorienting modern-day object in white. It was his way of criticizing society’s tendency to treat art as a commodity.

  1. Triyadi Guntur Wiratmo. 110 x 90 cm. Graphite and acrylic on canvas.
  2. Windi Apriani. 145 x 180 cm. Pen and acrylic on canvas.