Central Park Office Building, Jakarta

Artist: Agus Sumiantara & Gede Mahendra Yasa

Requested by the Agung Podomoro Land’s (APL) owner himself, the instruction was to find colorful abstract paintings. We suggested Agus Sumiantara’s works even though they are not exactly abstracts; if one inspects closely, the two paintings are really still life of glass blocks and a collection of brushes. Another work came from Gede Mahendra Yasa which was made with phospor, resulting in a colorful dynamic piece which is distinct from each angle. These abstracts are more than what initially meets the eye.

Agus Sumiantara, 2008. 120 x 200 cm, oil on canvas.
Gede Mahendra Yasa, 2008. 200 x 150 cm, spray paint on textured canvas.