Sebastian Gunawan Boutique

Artist: Windi Apriani
PIC: Rachel Ibrahim & Pamuji Slamet (Before Artovale)

Windi Apriani only does self-potraits. The Bandung-based artis is known for her unique style, giving the self-potrait an elusive twist. The fashion designer Sebastian Gunawan specially wanted Windi to wear his dress, and so Artovale arranged the fitting of the dress. Within three weeks, Windy completed alluring pen-drawn self-potrait showcasing the elegant number. The artwork by Windi of Windi now hangs in a Sebastian Gunawan boutique, admiring herself in the mirror just like all Sebastian Gunawan customers do.

  1. Windi Apriani. 200 x 150 cm. Pen and acrylic on canvas. Dress is designed by Sebastian Gunawan.