We work with architects and designers to plan and provide art that (1) Fully integrated with the architecture through site-specific commissions (2) That reinforces brand identity as part of the interior design (3) As a key element within urban and landscape design (4) That can provide a short term solution to client needs.


We will not only assist you in obtaining planning where you have a requirement to include Public Art in your development proposal (Section 106), but will ensure that the art we commission for you will add real value to your asset.


We understand the importance and value in public consultation and can assist you with workshops, interviews and exhibition to obtain valuable feedback and a positive outcome for all skateholders.

Art Selection

Drawing on any Art Strategy we have prepared, we will work with you to select the most appropriate artwork for your business, building and budget.  We have an unmatched database of artists that is constantly refreshed as well as long established relationships with top gallery worldwide.  We can work remotely with digital imagery and presentation software or hang our gallery for you to inspect and select your art in person.


We can also manage the more complex process of commissioning bespoke and integrated artwork for your space rather than ready-made pieces electric dog fence at amazon.  This requires additional experience and technical skills that we are able to deploy on your behalf.


We understand the need to create that people aspire to live and work in and we believe that art can add real value by: •    Defining the character of a place and putting it on the map •    Increasing desirability to live, work and visit there •    Galvanizing community engagement and participantion •    Providing a link to local, historical or cultural attributes. Go to my blog.